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The End of Big Show 

Big Show has been a tradition in SIM since the 80’s so it's about time it is laid to rest. Max and the rest of his peers joined together to produce the biggest of big shows, almost spanning two hours in length with eighteen unique performances. A technically flawless show that brought together about 400 people. Big Shows End marked a key moment in the technical ability of Max and his peers. 

Using 4 Projectors, Max coated the Pozen center with original graphics that he hand picked from his peers Ethan Roy and Emmy Kelly. While also facilitating the projection mapping of other fully immersive video art pieces. This lead Max to working with other artists in the SIM program to support in the presentation of there video work in hopes of creating a more elaborate and cohesive esthetic to the show.  As an executive producer Max not only coordinated the mounting and rigging of projectors but also, facilitated act-to-act transitions, coordinating stage hands, the of running rehearsals, among other important tasks and responsibilities.

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