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Gallery Logo

Upon entering the gallery this poem is presented to all
the guests to provide context to the viewing experience.


A relationship born out of an expression 

Some piece of my heart


some piece of my mind

has been shaped by so many countless hours 

To feel loved and that I was never alone 





In the brightest and darkest days 

My clouded judgment fueled by the words you told me 

My mind scorched with red 

My eyes faded from a mask you helped me paint and take off 

Our escape 

To give something back 

To live in the moment and be present 

To you 

For you 

Something that I will live the rest of my life trying to say but you will never hear

~ an ode to music 

Install Notes

The Installation of the piece required nine ten-foot-long gray drapes that were planted to create a room within the Godine Gallery. Using four projectors, Max coats the walls with his visuals, allowing the viewer to sit back and be completely immersed. The projectors were placed in a way that allowed the viewer to be a part of the experience as their shadow would be cast in different locations depending on where they were standing. It's also important to note that four speakers were placed behind the drapes. All four of the projectors and speakers cabling were fed back to a MacBook running the show in one one-hour loop at a time.

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