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88Hz was held by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Activities Council. They hosted Max’s visuals and set design with Timbo’s DJing. Max crafted visuals that were aimed to meet traditional rave ascetics with an audio reactive set design made up of stray gallery pillars. For both 88Hz and Disc 99.9, two projectors were buried on the stage to cast massive projections onto the Pozen Center walls.

Max Ryan and Timbo (Timothy Prendergast) worked together at the Studio for Interrelated Media program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design on a plethora of different projects. They teamed up to create 88Hz and Disc 99.9 a live audio-visual experience that gave new life to both Max and Timbo’s respective practices.

The Disc 99.9 performance was in conjunction with the Studio for Interrelated Medias' All School Show. The All School Show featured video work, projection pieces, and other musical acts. Disc 99.9 was the introduction to that show as a means to introduce the audience to the space.

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