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  • An experimental animation artist harnessing the power of the pixel while working to better understand new media technologies through freelance production and live performance.


 Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA in Studio for Interrelated Media 2023

Professional Experience


Production Coordinator, Studio 125, 2023

Freelance Projection Activation, Organs Studio, 2023.

Production Assistant, Studio 125, 2023.

Event Assistant, ISENBERG, 2023.

Creative Technician and Video Artist, Bushnell Digital, 2023.

Freelance Video DJ, lluminus, 2023.

Freelance Video DJ, STAMINA Boston, 2023. 

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Studio for Interrelated Media Departmental Honors and Academic Honors, 2023.

Art Installer and Curator for the Studio for Interrelated Media All School Show, MassArt, 2023.

Teachers Assistant for Immersive Experience Design, MassArt, 2023.

Freelance Production Assistant, Shoebones Salem, 2023.

Freelance Production Assistant, MASARY Studios,  2022 - 2023.

Production Assistant at the Kresge MIT, Studio 125, 2023.


Projection Mapper and Production Assistant, MASARY Studios, 2022.

Gallery Manager for The End of Big Show, MassArt, 2022.

Lead Producer for Bad News at the Doorstep Popup Show in Evans Way, MassArt, 2022.

Godine Gallery Projection Mapper, MassArt, 2022.

Playback Technician and Projection Mapper for The End of Big Show, MassArt, 2022. 

Lead Producer and Director of The End of Big Show, MassArt, 2022.

All School Show Technical Assistant, MassArt, 2022.

Technical Director, EventWorks SIM, 2022.

Battle of the Bands Stagehand Coordinator and Band Manager, EventWorks SIM, 2022.


Teachers Assistant for Approaches to Activism, MassArt, 2021 - 2022.

Intern, MASARY Studios  2020 - 2021.


Studio for Interrelated Media Technical Assistant, MassArt 2020. 

Boston CyberArts Lead Producer, Curator, Art Installer, MassArt 2020.

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