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Max Aiden Ryan is a Boston-based media artist and graduate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Studio for Interrelated Media program (SIM).

With his medium of choice the pixels of a projector, Max developed an artistic voice and style around digital art making. 

Projection mapping allows Max to sculpt and paint with light, blending physical objects and digital media seamlessly together. Max harnesses this technique to cultivate questions about human relationships with technology. In Max’s current works, he reconstructs and dismantles technologies that have affected his understanding of time and space in relationship to the self. Paintings, old and new technologies, people, and places, all have the potential to be projection-mapped surfaces to convey themes, but the context and purpose inform the placement of the digital content and vice versa. With a projector by his side Max designs, communicates, and expresses himself in a liminal space. It's within this space and only within this space can Max's work be actualized.

this is how i do it

Max's process of allowing pixels to blend seamlessly on top of objects is called projection mapping and is a tool that is used in most of his work. 

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