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My name is Max Aiden Ryan and I am a multidisciplinary artist mainly operating in the digital realm. My practice mainly focuses on immersive media using a technique called projection mapping. This technique lets me use a projector as a tool to sculpt and paint with light, blending physical objects and digital media seamlessly together. Within my work, I explore a range of themes, most recently the reinterpretation and deconstruction of digital media and spaces.In the moments that I find reprieve, I am happy to enjoy the crafts of other artists. Be it in a digital space or a physical experience I love how people showcase their individual expressions and understanding of their personal experiences. This is why I’m also a live performer. Bringing people together to coexist with media as a way to create and empower connectivity in a physical space.

I’m classified as a Video Jockey colloquially known as a VJ. In this role, I create and compose live visuals and mix them with live music. Creating a holistic experience as a visual artist in tandem with a musical performer is one of my many joys of life. In my VJing practice, there are often times when visuals are made on the fly to embrace the music from my point of view. However, in other instances, I collaborate with a musical artist to create a visual concept that we both believe fits best. Both approaches are always a blast to pursue and the end products are always fulfilling. 

I am always open to collaboration with artists that are interested in my visual presence; all one has to do is ask. 

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